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A Multi Diverse Company, a leading digital marketing agency and much more… we specialize in a variety of digital services.

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At the helm of innovation, we proudly steer the ship of digital marketing prowess. As a premier full-service agency, we specialize in forging connections between you and your audience, seamlessly bridging the gap that separates potential from prosperity. We provide a variety of different digital services: Digital Marketing, Graphic Design Services & Video Creations, E-Commerce Services, Website Design & Development Services , Website & Email Hosting Services and Software Development Services.

From crafting compelling campaigns to harnessing the power of social media, we wield the tools of digital marketing with precision to realize your business aspirations and marketing milestones. With us as your compass, the journey to reaching and captivating your audience becomes an exhilarating adventure filled with boundless possibilities. Partner with the best Marketing Agency out there today!



Digital Services

Newera Investments (Pty) Ltd, is a South African based company that focuses on a variety of digital products & Services. We provide the best digital products at the cheapest rates... We are the cheapest digital marketing agency out there, plus we have a team of highly skilled professionals, from SEO experts, digital marketing specialists, graphic designers to software engineers. Our Services span across the globe!

Digital Marketing​

Newera Marketing is a division of Newera Investments and we are the cheapest and best digital marketing agency out there, we create custom packages to suit every budget. Whether its managing your ad campaigns or strategic SEO solutions to get you at the top of search results, we're here to help! We are the best online marketing agency. contact us today for more info.

Newera Software

Newera Software is a subsidiary of Newera Investments (Pty) Ltd. We provide you with the best software at the cheapest rates, from building mobile apps, to complete CRM systems.. We can build you custom software apps and systems. Contact us today for a free quote. Newera Investments has teamed up with highly skilled professionals from across the world, ensuring that we bring you only the best results!


Email marketing is crucial for enhancing your sales endeavors. We highly advocate for its utilization as it plays a pivotal role in guiding customers through the sales funnel.

Establish a consistent flow of sales opportunities by implementing a personalized lead generation strategy or appointment scheduling. Partner with the best Marketing Agency out there today!

We’ll craft a tailored strategy, spanning from Google AdWords to social media ads, to drive both clicks and conversions for your business. Newera Marketing Agency is the best at what we do!

Allow us to construct your Click Funnels on your behalf! From creating landing pages to developing courses, ads, and beyond, streamline your sales process with automation. Partner with the best Digital Marketing Agency!

Seeking top-notch digital marketing services? Look no further! Our digital marketing agency specializes in elevating brands through strategic SEO, captivating content, and engaging social media campaigns. Partner with us to boost your online presence and outshine competitors in the digital realm. We’ve worked with clients from around the globe, provide digital marketing services, graphic design services, software development and more… find the best digital marketing agency near me today!


We help you generate more revenue by using the power of Google Ads and Custom CRM’s to win more customers consistently. We work alongside you to develop and implement effective Google Ads Campaigns that prioritize generating high-quality leads for your business. Google channels include: Search, Display network, Remarketing, Shopping, Hotels & YouTube.

Google Ads Credit
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Receive Up To R6,000 | $300,00 In Google Ads Credit When Signing Up With Us.

Google Account Manager
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Get Your Own Dedicated Google Certified Account Manager.

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Avoid becoming a spammer. Email marketing can be challenging to navigate. Rest assured, we’re here to assist you in mastering this delicate balance.

Your website serves as your company’s unique identifier, setting you apart from competitors. Ensure its visibility on Google through effective SEO strategies. 

We specialize in crafting visually appealing and practical custom graphic designs that mirror your distinct brand and cater to your diverse campaigns.

You and your employees are industry experts. Utilize thought leadership marketing to drive sales growth effectively. The best Online Marketing Agency!

Your Digital Marketing Agency!

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Click below on the play button to view our different websites. Choose the type of service you’re looking for, whether its marketing or you’re just here browsing through. Should you require additional information regarding services, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Business Directories

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Our Marketing Services


Looking to elevate your social marketing game? Develop a unique social media strategy tailored to garner attention and stand out from the crowd. Let Newera Marketing Agency manage your social media. Partner with the best marketing agency today!

Capture your audience’s attention with a high-impact influencer marketing strategy to enhance your brand’s reach. Instead of spending time trying to sway them, leverage influencers who already have the ear of your customers.

Our content marketing strategy is designed to captivate audiences, offering a range of compelling materials such as articles, blogs, polls, thought pieces, and more, all crafted to encourage active engagement. Newera Marketing Agency, we are the best.

Attract your customers’ attention with premium video or animations crafted by our expert digital artists. In today’s landscape, video content is essential for standing out and capturing audience interest. Let Newera Marketing Agency create your videos!

We are experts in B2B Marketing, find out more:


Clients We've worked with

These are some of the big names we’ve worked with. We have clients from around the world, We specialize in Digital Services, including but not limited to, Digital Marketing & Advertising, drop shipping, Web Design & SEO, Software Development, Graphic Design and much more…

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Click on the discord Logo or click here to join our Discord Server – A B2B (Business to Business) platform. Lets chat business to business, get inspired, get connected, share ideas, share services, run promotions, advertise products, general chat, collaborate, create and innovate!

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Start Your Business Journey with Ease: Seamless Company Registration Services

CIPC Company Registration

Embarking on the journey of starting a new business is an exhilarating experience, but navigating the complexities of company registration can often feel overwhelming. At Newera Investments, we understand the challenges that aspiring entrepreneurs face, which is why we’re dedicated to providing comprehensive and hassle-free company registration services. With our expert guidance and personalized support, you can confidently turn your business dreams into reality.

Let us help you get your company registered

Click below for more info regarding our Company Registration Packages. All packages include: 

  • Business Name – LTD | CC | Inc.
  • Company Registration MOI | 14.3 Certificate
  • FREE BBEEE Certificate
  • Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Logo Design | Brand Identity Design
  • Website Design and Development
Need Recruitment Services?

No problem, we’ve got you covered. Visit our Recruitment Agency:



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Tell us what you need, whether you’re looking to create a stunning banner Ad for Facebook marketing, Whether you’re looking for the right Google Ads campaign to drive sales for your business, or you’ve got a new Software innovation. Let us know and we will give you a free quote.